We specialized in the sourcing of quality beans and agricultural products. We are supplying high quality beans, sprouting and non-sprouting to all countries in the world at a reasonable price.

We provides variety of sprouting beans such as –Green Mung Beans and Black Matpe.

We provides variety of non-sprouting beans such as –

Brown Beans, Sesame Seeds, Black Eyed Bean, Green Mung Dhall ( Huskless Split/ Split with Husk), Black Matpe Dhall ( Urid Dhall/ Urid Gota/ Urid Chilki ) and others.

The origin of the beans is only Myanmar.

Looking for the future

Now, Myanmar is changing political and economy structure. So, our country is heading to a very good and bright future. That is why we are looking for any outstanding company to joy with our company for agricultural commodities.